Jesus the Good Shepherd School is a private, Parish, Catholic school. JGS, a member of the Diocese of Shreveport, is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization, who relies almost entirely on revenue from tuition and the generosity of our benefactors. As such, the JGS Annual Fund is critical to the fiscal health of our school.

The Annual Fund helps our school meet the tuition gap. JGS’s tuition is well below the annual cost to educate each student. It is through the generosity of JGS Annual Fund donors that the school is able to meet the ongoing challenges of increasing operational and facility maintenance costs. JGS is dependent on the Annual Fund to help defray the cost of providing tuition assistance while minimizing annual tuition rates and to supplement operating expenses throughout the year. Ultimately, it is this generosity that allows our school to continue its legacy of “instilling in each child a love of God, self and others.”


What IS An Annual Fund?

An Annual Fund is a coordinated, concentrated fundraising campaign which can produce better results than many small campaigns or fundraisers. The goal of the JGS Annual Fund is to develop a loyal constituency of annual donors in order to maintain and improve the overall operations of Jesus the Good Shepherd Catholic School. All gifts to the JGS Annual Fund go immediately to the school’s most pressing needs and benefit our current students in all aspects of their educational experience. In addition to providing resources for academic, technological and athletic support, Annual Fund gifts also help to ensure that the necessary funds are available to provide teacher retention and tuition assistance to our students from families with documented needs.

Why Not Just Charge Full Tuition?

If JGS were to charge the true cost to attend, it would price many students out of being able to experience a JGS education. The JGS philosophy of ensuring an affordable, Catholic education for all academically qualified students is crucial to the school’s identity. Minimizing the annual rate of tuition makes the mission of Jesus the Good Shepherd School more attainable for all who qualify.

How Much Is The Tuition “Gap” at JGS?

The 2020-21 tuition for a Catholic student is $5,373.00 and $6651.00 for non-Catholics. The actual cost for each JGS student is $7,597.00, leaving an approximate $1,981.00 per student budget shortfall or “gap.”

How Much Tuition Assistance Do JGS Students Receive?

For the 2019-20 school year, approximately $50,000 was set aside in the school’s operating budget for tuition assistance, which is based on a family’s tax documented financial need. Jesus the Good Shepherd Parish donates $10,000 annually towards tuition assistance as well as receiving an unspecified donation from the Thomas Stephens Scholarship Fund in memory of the late Thomas Stephens.

What Scholarships Are Available At JGS?

We have several year-end scholarships that are available to our students. The Sr. Maria Smith Scholarship, one month's tuition for the coming school year, and the JGS Scholarship (Mary Ann Greco Scholarship), $4,550.00 tuition for the coming school year, are awarded to outstanding 5th grade students who exhibit high moral and spiritual character. The Fr. Moore Scholarship, $1,000.00 annually, is awarded to a catholic student in grades 2-4 who exhibit high moral, spiritual, and academic qualities. The Mrs. Charlynn Leehy Scholarship is given to a Catholic student in 3rd grade in memory of our beloved Mrs. Leehy.

Is My Gift Tax-Deductible?

Yes. JGS is a 501 (c)3 organization, therefore your gifts to the Annual Fund are 100% tax-deductible.

Must donations be made at once?

Donations to the JGS Annual Fund can be made at once or over the course of the school year. For instance, a pledge of $30 per month for 10 months will add up to a donation of $300 or a pledge of $1000 per month for 10 months will add up to a $10,000 donation! This method of donation gives everyone an opportunity to participate. Any and all donations make a difference in the bottom line of our operating budget, no matter the amount!

When I Make A Pledge, When Do I Pay?

A pledge may be made now and paid over the course of the year. Pledges do not have to be paid in full until June 30, which is the end of our fiscal year at JGS.

What are Matching Gifts?

Over 500 companies across the country will match their employees’ gifts to local schools. Donors must visit their Personnel offices to pick up the appropriate form, fill it out and send it to JGS with their gift. The school will then take care of completing the form and returning it to the company’s office to receive the matched gift. This is an easy and wonderful way to increase your support for JGS. JGS counts company-matching funds as part of the donor gift total. Therefore, if a person makes a $500 gift and receives one-to-one matching funds, our records will reflect a $1000 gift and therefore the person would become a member of the JGS Society rather than the Good Shepherd Lane Club.

What are Giving Societies and Clubs?

JGS, like many non-profit institutions, has established giving societies and clubs to offer a way for supporters to feel a sense of affinity with JGS. By recognizing all of our donors through the giving societies, JGS hopes the example of generosity, good stewardship and commitment will inspire others to respond in kind.

JGS ANNUAL FUND: Gift Societies and Clubs

 The 1960 Society  
 Daughters of the Cross Society    $10,000+
 Sister Maria Society  $5,000 - $9,999  
 Fr. Moore Society  $2,500 - $4,999
 J.G.S. Society $1000  $1000 - $2,499
 Ram Loyalty Club  
 The Good Shepherd Lane Club  500 - $999
 The Emerson Club  $200 - $499
 The Marquette Club  $1- $199


The 1960 Society is an organization of leaders who invest deeply into the future of JGS School and is named for the year the school was founded. Membership is open to all individuals, families or organizations that make a minimum $1000 annual gift to the JGS Annual Fund. Each year, members of The 1960 Society will be invited to a private reception in recognition of their leadership and generosity.

We Instill in Each Child a Love of Learning, a Love of God, and a Love of Others.

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