icon-clock.jpgConduct Slips

Conduct slips will be issued to students for violation of school rules. Parents must sign the back of the slip and it must be returned the next day. Failure to do so will result in another conduct slip. Conduct slips will be issued for, but not limited to, the following infractions:

Detention Hall

If a student receives two or more conduct slips in a one-week period, he or she will be required to attend Detention Hall. It will be held on Thursdays from 3:15 to 4:15 in an assigned teacher’s classroom. Only written proof of an appointment with a doctor or a dentist will be an excuse from Detention Hall. The Detention Hall will then be made up the following week. The homeroom teacher will supply the work to be done in the Detention Hall and homework will not be allowed. For more serious offenses, an Automatic Detention slip will be issued. Suspension from athletic activities is at the discretion of the administration and may be used as a disciplinary measure.

Automatic Detention

Technology Concerns


A student who has to serve Detention Hall more than twice in a nine-week period will be suspended in school for one day. A conference will be held with the Principal, parents, and student before he or she can return to class. Other infractions that will result in automatic suspension are:

***If a student is suspended, they will not be able to participate in school related sports shuch as football, basketball, baseball & cheer for 3 school weeks from date of suspension. ALso, students who have been suspended will not be allowed to go on any field trips during that nine week period.


Expulsion from Jesus the Good Shepherd School is the responsibility of the Administration. If a student receives three suspensions in an academic year, he or she will not be allowed to return to Jesus the Good Shepherd the succeeding year, or may be subject to expulsion during that school year. Possessing/consuming alcoholic beverages, drugs, and/or cigarettes on the school grounds may result in expulsion. Students possessing anything that could be used as a weapon (gun, pocketknife, etc.) on the school grounds or at any school-sponsored function will result in immediate expulsion. A student who exhibits behavior outside of the school that does not follow the standards as set forth in this handbook and the mission of the school may be expelled. A student who continually interferes with the academic atmosphere that is conducive to learning may be expelled during the school year. A student may also be asked to leave the school if the parent(s) refuses to follow school policies as set forth in this book.

Forgiveness is a central tenet of our Catholic faith and one that Jesus the Good Shepherd School strives to carry out on our campus. Therefore, if parents of a student who has been expelled wish to have their child return to Jesus the Good Shepherd School for the academic year following the expulsion, the case will be considered by the school administration, and the child may be allowed to do so. If the student is allowed to return after expulsion, the following standard will apply. If the student receives one suspension in the academic year following his or her expulsion, he or she will be expelled for a second and final time, and will not be able to return to Jesus the Good Shepherd School at any time.


We Instill in Each Child a Love of Learning, a Love of God, and a Love of Others.

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