icon-mail.jpg School Council Members

Ex-Officio Members
Fr. Keith Garvin (Pastor)
Mrs. Mandy Booth (Parents' Club President)
Mr. Damian O'Quinn (Dads' Club President)

Elected Members
President: Mr. L.J. Holland
Vice President: Dr. Lane Eddleman
Treasurer: Mr. Charles Taylor
Secretary: Mrs. Amy Sawyer

Mr. Jott Delcambre
Mr. Jeff Leaumont
Mrs. Dana Tarver

School Council Meetings are usually held every other month at 12:00 p.m.

The School Council shall assist the principal and teaching staff of Jesus the Good Shepherd School in bringing to the students the finest academic and religious programs that are possible within the economic limitations of funds available. The school council is responsible to the parish council and advisory to the principal and the pastor.

The constitution and by-laws of the school council and minutes of the meetings are on file and available in the principal's office.




We Instill in Each Child a Love of Learning, a Love of God, and a Love of Others.

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